The mediator horse thanks to the mirror effect, helps us to understand how we feel and helps to adjust our attitude. For all who seek improvement, the transformation happens through the horse.


Phobia of birds, dogs, horses:  Adults with a phobia or a fear of birds (chickens, peacocks) horses or dogs (bite, accident, bad experience) . Our workshops can work on relaxation and discovery of the animals.

Burn Out: The burnout, or burnout syndrome, the result of stress. Psychological and physical symptoms result in fatigue or depression. To get out of burnout, it is often necessary to get help. Therapy can be very useful. Healing comes after a good look at oneself, a return to ones roots. Contact with nature and animals gives us a sense of immediate well-being, permits us to let go and to come together to better advance.

Dog assisted education:  Dogs present on the property, can serve as a springboard before turning to the horse. Less impressive than horses, they allow adults to feel more comfortable, and they also are very good mediators.

Horse assisted education:   The horse is used to identify and reproduce the key behaviors that constitute the essence of each. It helps us to get to know and understand others. The workshops are conducted with individual goals, according to the needs of each one.
Horse Assisted Education can help you gain confidence in yourself, resolve conflicts, ill-being, have a better self-image, manage aggression or passivity, self-transcendence and more.

Animal mediation for the parent-child relationship: Reinstate and / or develop better communication between parent and child based on animals as a mediation support and interaction. Here are some fields of action: relationships, communication between parent and child, emotional support, sharing fun activities with relaxation and pleasure, communication between the family.



No equestrian knowledge is necessary.

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