Do you need help with your pets?


Vanessa LEE-JONES grew up with animals from enfance so the wish to work with them came naturally. She is and has been a professional animal trainer for almost ten years in equestrian displays.

In 2014, Vanessa became a behaviourist and was awarded a diploma by the EAPAC (diploma recognized by the French state) she offers you her skills to help you to live in harmony with your pets.

The behaviourist mediates in the relationship between people and the their pets. She intervenes to facilitate the communication, establish and restore the relational quality between people and their pets.

The fields of intervention of the behaviourist belong at the same time to the domain of the human psychology and to those of the ethology and the psychology of animals

In an idea of prevention, the behaviourist can be requested by any person who wants to prepare to take in a puppy or to choose a particular race of dog, also for the adoption of an animal from a refuge (and sometimes of their traumatic past).

Among what are usually solved by the behaviourist, we find:
     · aggressivity of the animal towards humans, other dogs or other species
     · apathy, symptoms of indifference, what can be perceived as sadness.
     · destruction, damages and their multiple causes.

     · eating disorders.
     · uncontrollable fear, phobia, in the face of everyday life.
     · noise problems.
     · cleanliness problems.