At the Pendazier estate you will stay in a quiet and warm surrounding, the estate is set in 12 hectares, located in the municipality of La Force, equipped with an indoor arena, 11 stables, several paddocks, meadows and woods that promote multiple approaches through various exercises.

Cheval (Horse) Coaching: Discover and optimize your communication methods and team building

The Cheval (Horse) Coaching is very effective in building confidence, improving communication skills, developing intuition that give participants the tools to solve their problems.
Non-verbal communication, assertiveness, leadership, taking responsibility, teamwork, team building, trust and management attitudes are some of the tools used and developed by the horse coaching.

This work will be a series of experiments, exchange situations, understanding and learning. You will discover the development of feelings, behavioral adaptations, discovering yourself and others.

Burn Out : The burnout, or burnout syndrome, the result of stress. Psychological and physical symptoms result in fatigue or depression. To get out of burnout, it is often necessary to get help. Therapy can be very useful. Healing comes after a good look at oneself, a return to ones roots.Contact with nature and animals gives us a sense of immediate well-being, permits us to let go and to come together to better advance.

Our association has several horses trained for this work, we offer personal interventions for your needs and your schedule.
Our estate having great outdoor spaces and lots of undercover activities allows us to welcome you.

No equestrian knowledge is necessary.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.