Animals play an important role at the psychological level. They are both catalysts of social relationships, communication facilitators, attachment sources, development and accountability, powerful derivatives to anxiety or mood generators.

Phobia of dogs and or horses:
 Children with a phobia or a fear of horses or dogs (bite, accident, bad experience). Our workshops can work on relaxation and discovery of the animals.

Dog Bite Prevention : We interveen in schools to teach children how to behave appropriately with a dog in various situations. Our goal is to help reduce the number of dog bite accidents in young people by providing prevention information.

Dog assisted education:   Dogs present on the property, can serve as a springboard before turning to the horse. Less impressive than horses, they allow adults to feel more comfortable, and they also are very good mediators.

Horse assisted education:   Aimed at children with difficulties at school, social, family, who are struggling to find their place in society. The horse is our educational partner because his reactions are a great indicator of the state of mind of the person who handles him. The horse helps to better know and understand others through exercises on one to one basis and open to everyone.

Animal mediation for the parent-child relationship : Reinstate and / or develop better communication between parent and child based on animals as a mediation support and interaction. Here are some fields of action: relationship , communication between parent and child, emotional support, sharing fun activities with relaxation and pleasure, communication between the family.

Our goals are :

- create and maintain contact in a relationship of trust (responsibility, perseverance, respect ... )
- work together with a method based on positive reinforcement (consistent attitude, concentration, control of his actions ... )
- learn to set limits (dare say NO and YES, coherent verbal and non verbal ... )
establish or re-connect with his emotions (joy, sadness, fear ... )
- Reinstate and / or develop better communication between parents and children based on the dog as support mediation and interaction.

No equestrian knowledge is necessary.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.