Gallery Conferences


11 -12 - 13 July 2017 : International symposium "a horse is a horse of course"  Germany



May 2016: "Dog Event" Nice.

Lovely encounter with Canadiens colleagues 
Nancy Tucker & Jean Lessard

KEN MCCORT - Animal behavior specialist involved in training and behavior modification with multiple species (USA)
CLIVE WYNNE - Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University, Director of Research, Wolf Park (USA)
JEAN DODDS - Jean Dodds an integrative veterinarian who started Hemopet, the first non-profit animal blood bank and greyhound rescue.

October 2015 : International conference of  EAHAE in Germany.

April 2015

Conference in Estonia.


September 2013

International conference of  EAHAE in Ohio,USA.



May 2013

24-25 may : International conference at the Festina Lente Foundation.



May 2013

13 may : Toulouse, regional assizes of the A & P Sommer foundation



September 2012

"8th International conference EAHAE 7-9 septembre 2012 in Germany." 42 attendees from 13 countries.



April 2012

24 - 27     Congress of the HETI (FRDI) in Athenes, Greece.

November 2011

Conference at Pendazier "the fondamental needs of our partners the horses" with Martine d'Haeseleer equicoach, Patrick Chene osteopathe for animals  and Florence Lombardini : intuitive communication.

October 2011

Conference at Pendazier "guided by the wisdom of horses" with Martine D'Haeseleer.

May 2011

"International conference at the Festina Lente Foundation, may 2011, Ireland"

Conférence internationale mai 2011

October 2010

"International conference EAHAE 8-10 october 2010 at Windsor, UK." 71 attendees from 20 countries, Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Australia .
Mrs Wanda Lee-Jones is a qualified membre of the EAHAE.

September 2010

"International conference on equitherapy the 3 & 4 september 2010 at the Festina Lente Foundation, Ireland."


swans at BRAY bay.

November 2008

EAHAE Conférence
"international conference on horse assisted education, 14-16 november - Poland"
 EAHAE - 62 participants from 19 countries.