The Handicapped

Touch, feel, communicate, stimulate, soothe, breaking isolation through contact with the animal.


Dog assisted education:  Dogs present on the property, can serve as a springboard before turning to the horse. Less impressive than horses, they allow adults to feel more comfortable, and they also are very good mediators.

Horse assisted education:  The horse is used to identify and reproduce the key behaviors that constitute the essence of each person. It helps to get to know and understand others. The workshops are conducted with individual goals, according to each persons needs.
Education by the horse can help you gain self confidence, resolve conflicts, ill-being, have a better self-image, manage aggression or passivity, self-transcendence and more.

Animal Mediation: The animal, as a derivative of anxiety, allows the expression of emotions and releases anxieties and thus better access to learning. Animals promote attention and collaboration, they help participants to take responsibility and to discover their abilities and skills. For each person, an individual project, including specific operational objectives is developed and fits into a comprehensive and multidisciplinary program. These sessions should help develop motor coordination, increase emotional control, facilitate communication and help the concentration .

Our estate having great outdoor spaces and lots of undercover activities allows us to welcome you. The visits and workshops we offer help to stimulate mobility, meaning, expression and memory of each person.

No equestrian knowledge is necessary.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.