Are you confronted with :

* a difficult relationship with your child, your hierarchy …
a difficult period after a separation, a death, an illness… 

You're looking to:

* take some time out, recharge your batteries
* experience moments of self discovery with your family, friends and/or co-workers


Looking for your beneficiaries to:

* re-build self confidence in a fun and friendly manner
* stimulate emotional memories through orientated work sessions …
* overcome phobias and social fears through tailored apprentiships…


The Association "Vivre à plein temps" welcomes you in a warm happy setting on their country estate near Toulouse.  
Offering personalised help for a few hours, a weekend or entire holiday

Animal assisted mediation provides an alternative way to self discovery.
These well proven techniques have stood the test of time and are fully mastered
by the two in-house professionals.


Association Vivre à Plein Temps, Le Pendazier, 11270 La Force
Tél. 04 68 76 23 34