Prevention dog bites

"In France, the Centre for Documentation and Information Assurance (CDIA) estimates the annual number of bites at around 500,000 with which 60,000 require hospital care .... Of all accidents (bites, falls, shocks) caused by dogs, 40% occur in youth under 15 years, 16% in children between 1 and 5 years!" (Source fun-


We work in schools to teach children how to behave appropriately with a dog in various situations. Our goal is to help reduce the number of dog bite accidents in young people by providing prevention information.

    1. Personal experiences: explain dog behavior
    2. Basic education of the dog to ensure the safety of all
    3. Everyday safety: the respect of the dog
    4. Dog behavior: how to recognize the signals of aggression
    5. Attitude to adopt, how to behave towards an aggressive dog

Practical workshops : safety positions, setting artificial conditions

We come with one of our dogs, specially trained and educated for animal mediation and therapeutic work, especially with children. This puts the children in a controlled situation where there is absolutely no danger.

But also:

   1. Trades around the dog
   2. Trades in partnership with dogs
   3. Working with the educational support of the Sommer Foundation
   4. Datasheet Sommer foundation for teachers.

It is important to see the dog not only as a pet but as a partner for men and women in difficult jobs. We hope with this presentation we can encourage vocations ...