Senior citizens

Animals play an important role for senior citizens. They constitute for people loosing their mobility an excellent incentive to make the efforts necessary to accomplish primordial tasks and exercices that help maintain, as much as possible, their capacities and global aptitudes.



Animal mediation or Zootherapy consists in a global approach of health and maintaining autonomy, the animals stimulate mutual awareness and affectivity.Our interventions permit the elderly to keep in contact with the real world by helping to better their capacities of attention, memory, their concentration and also their mobility by the different exercices that we put in place.

Our estate having great outdoor spaces and lots of undercover activities allows us to welcome you. The visits and workshops we offer help to stimulate mobility, the senses, expression and memory of each person.

We can travel to old peoples homes or to your home with our dogs but also with our llama Inti and Tinker the falabella.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.