The experience acquired over a period of 11 years working alongside youth at risk has proven that being in contact and working with animals is greatly beneficial to the well-being and understanding of oneself.

It is for this reason that the Association Vivre a plein temps decided in 2010 to open its doors to the general public, so that everyone could discover animal mediation and its therapeutic effects and benefits.

The beneficial effects that a pet brings to a person has been the subject of much research and has been reliably proven time and time again. The term animal mediation encompasses equitherapy, hippotherapy and zootherapy. It consists of working alongside animals (horses, dogs, llamas, chickens ... ) who act as mediators to the people they are partnered with.

Animal mediation is accessible and beneficial to all:
Parent/child relationships; hyperactive children (ADD, ADHD); phobias (birds, dogs, horses...); teamwork in businesses; dog bite prevention; nursing/retirement homes; help with Alzheimers; the medical community; military employees and veterans; children with family, social and/or eductional difficulties; the mentally and/or physically handicapped.

No equestrian knowledge necessary.

The association is at the forefront of the latest advances in animal mediation, through the regular participation of Wanda Lee- Jones at international conferences and training sessions.
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