Animal mediation for Veterans


Help veterans, soldiers in action, their families and the families of the deceased to overcome the signs of post traumatic stress, behavioral disorders, brain damage, depression, addictions, trauma, stress, grief and difficulties of reintegration.

In the UK, one in four homeless people is a former member of the armed forces. More than 20,000 veterans are either in prison or on probation. ( source )

According to U.S. military statistics, about 20% of soldiers in Iraq suffer from
"post- traumatic stress syndrome", but 50 % of soldiers do not consult anyone.

In France, according to Lieutenant Colonel Marchand, head of Unit of Intervention and Psychological Support of the Army (Cispat), the proportions are the same.

Activities around the horse reflect everyday situations recreating frustration, stress, and relationship conflicts. Soldiers must find their own solutions, adapt, improvise, while trusting themselves and trusting their teammates.

Participants must face the fact that the horse is an unpredictable animal, and you can not always control it.

Horses reacting to non-verbal communication that is not clear, create a mirror effect that soldiers must confront, they must re-adjust their behavior in order to obtain a collaboration with the animal.

Animal mediation is often more interesting in the eyes of soldiers than traditional therapy, they sometimes consider it a "waste of time". Animal mediation is based on participation, experimentation and practice in a natural outdoor environment. That is why it is usually a more productive experience, and has a larger therapeutic impact.

According to the pilot program conducted by " EAGALA Military Services Program" in Texas USA, after only six sessions, veterans and their wives reported a 60% improvement with respect to marital problems (physical and verbal abus, financial disputes, decisions regarding the education of children, forgiveness and time together). The couple also noted a 50% improvement on conflict resolution, emotional closeness, trust, sex, anger and respect.

Animal mediation can be used as a short-term approach for soldiers awaiting redeployment or as a treatment over a longer term in order to help soldiers reintegrate into civilian life and in their family lives.

The relationship that a soldier develops with a horse can help him to understand his emotions and help restore balance and well being.

No equestrian knowledge is necessary.