Wanda Lee-Jones


Working with animals since always.


Wanda Lee-Jones is the founder of the Association Vivre à Plein Temps .

From a very early age Wanda discovered her passion for animals and a natural ability to communicate with them

Being the daughter of a psychiatrist and a psychologist social worker, it's no wonder that Wanda finds herself working in the medicosocial industry.

Having grown up in this environment, her father having been the director of a private psychiatric clinic in Switzerland for over 30 years.
(the clinique still exists today www.lamétairie.ch )

Wanda pursued her passion, succesfully turning it into a career. In 1980 she moved to the United Kingdom and became a professional animal trainer.

Starting as a horse and stunt trainer for films, she formed her own Purebred Spanish Horse stud in 1986, in conjunction to this, Wanda continued her artistic riding career using her own horses. In 1995, she moved her stud to the south of France and bought the Pendazier estate.

In 1999, Wanda started to take in youths at risk from all corners of France and in 2002, following the development of this new career path and at the request of the Aude Couty Council, Wanda founded the Association 'Vivre a plein Temps'. 

Wanda speaks fluent French, English, Polish and Spanish. She is also learning French sign language.